Amazonally, Skysilk CEO Mike Meckler Talks Gatekeepers, Social Media, and Customer Service

In an interview with Amazonally, Skysilk CEO & President Mike Meckler shared his views on the challenges facing his company, which is in a defining moment as it enters its fourth decade of operation. The discussion includes social media, the growing role of gatekeepers in the content industry, and the importance of customer service.

Social media sites used in the Jan. 6 riot

The Capitol riot was a violent event that left five people dead and hundreds injured. The event began with a rally and culminated in an assault. Social media played a role in the insurrection, as a number of online communities livestreamed the events. Some users promoted violence through their posts.

Facebook and other social media sites acted as catalysts for the mob attack on the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. They allowed participants to plan, post, and document the attack, and many of the participants were photographed.

A number of far-right groups used these platforms to promote the riot. One of the groups, the Stop the Steal movement, spread quickly on Facebook, drawing followers who were eager to fight back against the Democratic Party. In the weeks leading up to the riot, activists tweeted about plans for a riot on Twitter.

Disadvantages of a gatekeeper business model

The gatekeeper business model is not without its shortcomings. One major disadvantage is that gatekeepers can spend valuable time performing tasks that are not directly linked to the firm’s core competencies.

Another disadvantage is that the quality of the work delivered by the gatekeeper can diminish. A key component of a gatekeeper’s role is to protect a firm’s valuable resources, including its time. If this resource is not well protected, it can be easily stolen.

Another disadvantage is that gatekeepers often have conflicting requirements in different jurisdictions. For instance, an Australian government regulation would require Google to pay royalties to media companies. Meanwhile, Apple could introduce a search function to its smartphone.

Gatekeepers also have the advantage of creating new steps in a sales process. This can be advantageous in the case of B2B sales. However, they can also create unnecessary work.

Increasingly the gatekeepers of content on social media sites

One of the most important changes to the way we think about information has been the rise of social media. With the advent of social networking sites, consumers now have the ability to consume information without having to create it. As a result, the role of the gatekeeper has changed.

The social character of new media has transformed the basic concepts of gatekeeping theory. New studies have shown that audiences actually act as gatekeepers in certain circumstances.

In the digital age, producers and consumers take on the role of gatekeepers. This change translates into the algorithmization of social media, which is a response to the avalanche of information growth.

There are two main types of gatekeeping in social media: audience and link-based. While audience-based gatekeeping is based on algorithms, link-based gatekeeping is based on hyperlink placement.

TealBook’s impact on customer service

TealBook is a provider of supplier intelligence, which helps procurement professionals make data-driven decisions. The company uses AI methods to collect and refine vast amounts of data to provide high-quality insights. Its software is designed to help organizations find compliant and diverse suppliers and avoid supply disruptions.

The company has two main cloud-based products: an app, which makes it easy to communicate with suppliers, and a supplier discovery platform. Each offers different capabilities, but both work together to provide an integrated, global view of an organization’s supply chain.

With the company’s new investments, TealBook will be able to expand its operations and product development. It plans to hire 39 more employees by the end of the year. Those efforts will be reflected in new updates to its platform, which will support the inclusion of minority-owned businesses.


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