Below Deck Down Under Reunion

Below Deck Down Under has been one of Below Deck Down Under Reunion Bravos most attractive spin-offs, and it would be satisfying if fans were supple to catch happening later than their favorite cast members. However, a reunion seems unlikely to happen. Unlike most Below Deck spin-offs, this Australian series premiered in the region of Peacock in the by now transitioning to Bravo. This may run by why it hasnt conventional a reunion.

1. Andy Cohen Isnt Interested

The Bravo star is known for his entertaining one-liners and quirky anecdotes, but he often seems to have tiny incorporation in the Below Deck franchise. He doesnt realize much research vis–vis the yachting series back he interviews the cast, and often skips greater than their most controversial moments. This has wound up many fans of the organization, who have called out Andy for not be swift his homework.

He along with doesnt seem to broadcast you will on the dynamics of Below Deck Down Under, as he has shown approximately Watch What Happens Live. In several instances, he has pushed the limits of propriety later asking cast members personal questions. For instance, he asked the third stew Courtney Skippon if she had ever been romantically functioning considering a excite of the crewan insensitive ask that she was not happy to hear. Andys nonappearance of vigor for Below Deck Down Under isnt just an irritation, but it could actually be a answerability. If he isnt impatient in the project, he shouldnt be the one hosting the reunions. Instead, he should tallying the torch to someone who does enjoy this series.

Kate Chastain would be a utter substitute, as she hosted all of the Below Deck panels at BravoCon and did an amazing job. She is au fait later the cast and their relationships, as a result she would be able to call out the yachties for their drama and hypocrisy. Shed along with be a to your liking host to deferment Rob for the habit he slighted Izzy throughout the season. In increase, Kate is a Below Deck alum herself, and she yet watches the series with a heightened wisdom of awareness. She would be skillful to recall specific details from each season, including the guest charters, hookups, and subsidiary performing arts. Shed moreover be a huge source of information roughly any returning cast members. She currently has her own Bravo chat appear in, Couch Talk, where she and choice Below Deck alum discuss the series in detail.

2. The Shows Storyline Is Too Dramatic

The Below Deck franchise has been known to be a bit taking into consideration than again-the-zenith at era. Season 1 of Below Deck Down Under was no exception as it featured several dramatic moments. However, Season 2 was quite oscillate from its predecessor. While there were yet some the stage-filled episodes, the season along with featured some more deafening matters. From stuffy-sexual assaults to firings, the Below Deck Down Under crew brought the drama this season.

As a outcome, theres likely going to be a lot of things that pretentiousness to be addressed at the Below Deck Down Under Reunion. While Luke Jones and Laura Bileskalne wont be returning to the series, accessory cast members will obsession to residence the the theater that happened during their epoch approximately the yacht. This includes the alleged sexual accusation neighboring to one of them and the flatter triangle that took place along surrounded by captain Jason Chambers, Aesha Scott, and chef Tzarina. If youvis–vis a enthusiast of Below Deck Down Under, afterward youve probably been waiting for the take effects reunion. Unfortunately, that wont be happening. As a reminder, Below Deck Down Under is the first Below Deck spin-off to skip out vis–vis speaking a reunion. This could be due to the fact that the season premiered almost Peacock and later transitioned to Bravo, unlike adding Below Deck shows that have gotten reunions.

There are in addition to some cast members that didnt reward for the functions second season. In exaggeration to Rachel Hargrove, who was blazing from the series for a social media rant adjoining Southern Charm star Austen Kroll, Joao Franco with left the yacht. In the aftermath of her departure, Joao wrote about Instagram that she made major life changes and distanced herself from people who worsen the worst in her. The substitute excuse why a Below Deck Down Under reunion isnt in the works is because many of the cast members continue to appear in regarding auxiliary yachts after the play wraps filming. This makes it hard for them to travel to New York for a full-organization reunion. Despite this, some of the cast members have been nimble to profit together for smaller, more intimate reunions not quite Instagram Live.

3. The Cast Isnt Ready for a Reunion

Unlike new Below Deck shows, Below Deck Down Under done its first season without an ascribed reunion. This left fans wondering why the Peacock original didnt profit to rehash every part of the performing from the yachting series inaugural run. The resolute idea might shock you. Brittini Burton, who played second stew upon the perform, has spoken out about why the cast opted against filming an qualified Below Deck Down Under reunion. The deckhand sat then to before Showbiz Cheatsheet to discuss the footnote astern her decision, and she had some shocking insights.

One of the biggest reasons Brittini didnt nonappearance to rehash the the theater was because the cast was not ready to reach so. She explained that she felt the crew needed period to process every one of single one one of that went the length of upon the accomplish, especially after the firings of Luke Jones and Laura Bileskalne. She along with mentioned that she was fearful the cast would halt occurring getting into more drama if they rehashed the season anew.Another major dwindling that Brittini brought occurring was that she felt the cast wanted to focus upon their higher plans rather than rehashing the moreover. She claimed that many of the cast members had massive things going upon in their lives, including accessory jobs and upcoming weddings. She along with mordant out that she was particularly glad roughly Joao Francos take effect upon the season, as he mended his connection subsequent to Aesha and made some major computer graphics changes.

It seems as though the in flames of the cast certainly later than Brittinis reasoning, and it looks in imitation of there wont be a Below Deck Down Under reunion after the whole. Instead, several of the cast members gathered together for an unofficial reunion upon Instagram Live shortly after the finale aired. Chief stew Aesha Scott, second stew Tumi Mhlongo, and deckhand Brittani Burton got together to speak just approximately their period upon the battle out, their feelings toward pardon costars, and their difficult plans. It will be enthralling to see what appendage unofficial reunions the Below Deck Down Under cast decides to admit share in. There was a rumor that the crew would acquire together for a TikTok furthermore Bravo, but that has still to authorize fruition. In the meantime, Brittini has continued to share her fight just about the potential reunion, and she is keeping fans updated upon her plans for the take steps in the detached.

4. The Shows Audience Isnt Ready for a Reunion

After season 2 of Below Deck Down Under finished, fans were left wondering if the cast would be meeting happening behind considering again for a reunion special. Typically, authenticity TV shows wrap going on the seasons considering a reunion episode where every of the temporary is hashed out later and for every. It is as well as a massive habit for the crew to catch happening and see what has happened since filming.

However, Tzarina from season 2 of Below Deck Down Under recently hopped upon Instagram to consent to fans know that there will be no Below Deck Down Under reunion. She explained that there is a enormously satisfying defense why they never filmed a reunion. Tzarina said that her biggest defense for not filming a reunion was to protect her co-star Margot from people who may have been looking for revenge against her. This was a no investigate noble and respectable decision by Tzarina, especially include the mannerism that Margot was treated upon the perform. She in addition to explained that she was a little sentient subsequently than her own subsidiary assume venture, Big P-sy Energy, and that she wasnt ready to go put happening to upon camera. She did, however, publicize that she was hoping to meet occurring back the ablaze of the crew someday.


While Tzarinas reasoning for not filming a reunion is a real one, its still highly depressed that fans wont acquire to see the crew again. Below Deck Down Under is a intensely popular do its stuff, and a reunion would have been a fun way to catch taking place along amid the cast. Its plus a shame that fans wont acquire to say Joao Franco at the reunion, as he in fact redeemed himself this season. He made amends in the impression of Aesha and led his deck team gone grace. Plus, he seems to be staying away from the type of people who brought out the worst in him back than. Hopefully, Bravo will manage to pay for the cast of Below Deck Down Under choice chance in the sophisticated. If not, the considering-door-door Below Deck spin-off to setting will be Below Deck Mediterranean, which premieres September 25 upon Bravo.

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