Choosing The Right Jesus T-Shirt

Jesus T Shirts are a great way to spread the word of God. Our Christian tees feature powerful Bible verses and motivational messages of faith, hope, and love. These tees are made with high-quality fabric options including 100% cotton, 90/10 cotton-poly blend and 50/50 cotton-poly blend for superior comfort. These Jesus t-shirts are sure to start conversations and acquaint others with your Christian faith.


Christology is the study of Jesus Christ, the central figure of Christianity, to know more click here It includes topics like the preexistence and eternality of Jesus, OT prophecies about him, his humanity and deity, the Incarnation, temptations and sinlessness, death, resurrection, ascension, exaltation, return, three-fold office, and more. The New Testament shows a clear and decisive Christology. The apostle Peter affirmed that Jesus was the Messiah, the Son of the living God, a declaration which transcends the messianic views of Judaism (Matthew 16:16).

Christology also emphasizes that Jesus was truly human. He had human names, a body, and experienced such limitations as hunger, thirst, fatigue, and sorrow. He had a natural language and could be addressed by his disciples. He even cried out in pain. After long and sometimes acrimonious debates, the Church finally settled the question of his humanity at the Council of Chalcedon in 451 ce.


We have many powerful designs that showcase Jesus in a very unique and memorable way. These shirts are great for starting conversations and spreading the message of Christ to others. They are made from 100% cotton and feature shoulder-to-shoulder taping, as well as double-needle stitched lay flat collar, sleeves and armholes. These tees are comfortable and durable. They are also fade resistant and machine washable. They are also available in different colors. Get one today!


Wearing a Jesus shirt is an effective way to share your faith and open up the conversation about Jesus. We have a great selection of unique Jesus shirts that look amazing and are sure to start conversations. From a funny Catch Up With Jesus Shirt to a powerful Salvation T-Shirt, you’re sure to find the perfect shirt for you.

Whether you’re looking for a cool Jesus Surfing shirt or a funny Heinz pickle relish bottle design, these Christian t-shirts are sure to get people talking. And they’re also a great way to show your support for Jesus and remind yourself that he is your strength. You’ll never know how much you can impact someone’s life when you share your belief in Christ. This could be the one moment that leads them to Jesus!


There is a lot of pressure on Christians to share their faith with others, but often they are not sure how. Our Jesus shirts are designed to help them start conversations and acquaint people with the word of Christ. It’s a powerful way to make an eternal difference in the lives of others. This tee is made from 100% cotton and features shoulder-to-shoulder taping, double-needle stitched lay-flat collar, sleeves and armholes. Machine washable. Made in USA.


Show your faith this Easter with a Jesus T-Shirts. These soft and comfortable Jesus shirts feature beautiful Easter designs, quotes or Bible verses to share the message that Christ has risen! They make great Jesus gifts for friends and family.

In addition to using eco-friendly tees, 3rd Day is committed to staying ethical and kind to God’s creation. All of their shirts are made in an ethical and humane way by BELLA+CANVAS, with efficient dye machines that use 7x less water than the average clothing manufacturer. Domestic shipping is provided via a network of fulfilment centres, further reducing their carbon footprint. Plus, for every order placed, they plant a tree through Eden Reforestation Projects. Wear your Jesus shirt today and be the difference in someone’s life!


Jesus T Shirts can be powerful ways to express one’s faith. They can also serve as a tool for outreach. They can be used to promote Christian events or ministries, and provide a sense of community for those who share similar beliefs. Messages can range from Bible verses, to quotes by famous preachers and theologians.

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