Ranking the Top 5 Games on The HawkPlay Platform

With over 150 million downloads on the popular HawkPlay app, it can be difficult to decide which games are worth downloading. Here we’ll be ranking the top 5 games based on current user ratings, number of downloads and overall popularity.


Subway Surfers –

The classic arcade-style game Subway Surfers has been a fan favorite since it was released in 2012. Players run down subway tracks while dodging obstacles and picking up coins, power ups and rewards along the way. With over 1 billion downloads worldwide, Subway Surfers easily tops our list of best games on HawkPlay.

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Fruit Ninja –

Fruit Ninja is a classic fruit slashing game with simple yet addictive controls that make it fun for all ages. Players must slice through fruits in mid-air as quickly as possible for high scores and to unlock new levels. The free version offers over 200 levels with power-ups, leaderboard competition and daily challenges to keep players engaged.

Modern Strike Online

If you’re looking for something with more depth than casual games, this tactical shooter might be just what you need. In Modern Strike Online you create your own squad from a wide range of weapon types and join the fight against other gamers from around the world in several battle modes like Death match or Capture Point mode.

Gears & Guts

This wild driving game lets gamers cruise around an open map full of obstacles and opponents while using explosives, machine guns and boosters to stay alive as long as possible in death races or demolition derbies. With plenty of cars available to customize both visually and performance wise, Gears & Guts offers great value for fans of racing games or combat style activities.

Classic Hearts–

If you’re looking for a classic card game that’s both relaxing and competitive then Classic Hearts is a great place to start! Through its intuitive UI design, players will be able to quickly learn how to play their hands well enough to avoid taking a penalty heart at the end of each round against one-three simulated opponents or real people online via matchmaking lobbies (online multiplayer). Momentous achievements await those who master this timeless title!

 So there you have it – these are our top picks for the best games you can download from HawkPlay! Get ready for hours of entertainment whether you’re playing solo or competing against friends.

James William

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