Some Things You Need To Know When Buying Cufflinks For The First Time

If you are a younger man who has got to the age when you may be invited to formal dinner parties, or perhaps wish to attend theatre performances in city centres, then it may well be the time to buy your first dress suit / dinner jacket.

Along with that, you obviously need formal shirts with double cuffs, a smart tie or two, and black leather shoes if you don’t already have them. And, of course, with formal shirts with double cuffs you need a pair of cufflinks to go with them.

If you have never purchased cufflinks for men in the UK beforehand, there are some things that you need to know about them. These are the small decorative items that clip the cuffs together and are available for everything from a few pounds to thousands, depending upon the materials used and the design.

Some cufflinks are available from major jewellers which contain precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds, and run into the hundreds of thousands of pounds, but unless you are born into a very wealthy family you won’t be spending that much.

There are almost limitless amounts of different designs of cufflinks, both in the way that they fix and the design on the face, which is the part of the cufflink that shows. There are lots and lots of so-called “novelty” designs which are meant to be a joke and make people laugh, but you need to understand that when you are attending any sort of formal event those are a definite “no-no”.

However, there are also thousands upon thousands of unique cufflinks which are not only suitable for formal wear but can also be worn on ordinary occasions such as going into the office. Certainly, a lot of men do dress down for going to work these days, but the fact is that if you want to get on in your career and be recognised as a man who is going somewhere, then a smart suit, shirt, tie, and appropriate leather shoes are a must. Along with those goes a pair of suitable cufflinks and possibly a tie clip and pocket square

Most Cufflinks Incorporate A Toggle

You can still buy cufflinks with two faces, one on each side, held together by a chain, but the majority of cufflinks today have a face to which is attached a post with a toggle at the other (inside) end which twists through 90° and locks the cufflink into position.

There are different types of toggles too. Probably the most common design is the “bullet back” cufflink where the toggle looks, as you might guess, something like a bullet, although those designs can vary somewhat. The way that you put these on is to turn the toggle so that it is parallel with the post and then slip the toggle and post through both cuff holes. Then you twist the toggle back through 90° and it locks the cufflink into position with the face on the outside.

There is also the whaleback design where the toggle is in the shape of the tail of a whale. Both these types of cufflinks are mass-produced which makes them very affordable.

There are also other types of cufflinks such as the stud / button cufflink with a fixed face on both sides. Certainly, that means you can have a pattern or colour on both sides, but these are more difficult to put on than cufflinks with toggles because you have to twist the face through the holes in both cuffs.

Cufflinks can be made using a lot of different materials too. For instance, you can have them made of stainless steel (which is very common), but also silver, gold, platinum, titanium, and even bronze or copper. For a very formal occasion, you might choose to have sterling silver cufflinks.

Of course, the face can be a simple decoration, or it can include enamel, glass, or precious or semi-precious stones. How much you choose to spend on your cufflinks is entirely up to you.

James William

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